Order Returns

After-Sale Service Terms and Conditions

Warranty Conditions

The product is covered under warranty service if the warranty period is 180 days after the purchasing date listed on the receipt.

Non-warranty Conditions

a) The user disassembled or modified the internal structure of the product.
b) The product was damaged due to incorrect usage. 

Sending back faulty products

a) We would first recommend you to contact your local distributor for them to send faulty products back to us. 

b) In the case of emergency, you can also send directly to our office for servicing.

What we need

We need the following information:

  • Name
  • Contact information including email address and home address
  • The fault of the product


a) We will check if the damaged product is due to incorrect use

b) We will check if the product can be repaired

c) We will notify the customer the cost of the product

d) We will send back to the local distributor the repaired products after payment is made to the distributor and that they have notified us


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